Visiplan Alara Analysis information

What is this program ?

The Visiplan Alara Analysis is a tool developed for Visiplan, that will enable its users to generate websites for Visiplan databases and manage those websites.
When started, this program will automatically show all the websites that were already generated. When you select one of those websites, you will be able to view it, delete it, modify some of its contents, to copy it to another directory and finally, you will also be able to send the entire website to a friend via e-mail.

Viewing a website

By clicking on the 'View' button, the default web browser will automatically start and present you the selected website. Navigating through the website is very easy and will look familiar since it's a pretty standard layout.
If you need help concerning the web browser, we advice you to take a look in the help files of that browser.

Deleting an entire website

Every generated website will take up approximately 2 MB of hard disk space. When you need extra space, it can therefore be handy if you are able to delete an entire website. All you need to do, is to select the website you want to delete from the list and press the 'delete' button.

Modifications after generation of the website

Don't expect to much about this function in the program. Pressing this button will enable you to modify the comments you added to the website. The comments on the homepage, on the different grids and on the different scenarii. When you want to make major adjustments to your website, such as changing the selected grids etc..., you will need to re-generate that website. This means deleting the website you already made for the database and than generating it again with the new modifications.
If you also want to keep the original website in its current state, you can use copy to put it somewhere else and then generating the new version. In this case, you will no longer be able to access the original website from this program, but you can access it manually by opening the 'visiplan-home.htm' of the original website.

Copying the website to another directory

This is a handy tool for making backups of the website, or for clearing some space on a specific drive. However, you will not be able to access this copy of the website from within this program. It will not be in the list when you start running this program. So you have to access it manually by opening the 'visiplan-home.htm' of the copied website.

E-mail the website

When you click the 'send' button, the selected website will be zipped and Outlook opens a new mail, with the zipped mail attached to it. Of course, when the website was already zipped once and this zip-file still exists, it won't be zipped again. The zip-file is saved in the directory of the website.
The person getting the e-mail does need a program like 'Winzip' to be able to unzip the attachment he just received. Once he unzipped it, he is able to view the website as you generated it.

What is visiplan ?

The application of the ALARA-planning for work and interventions in a nuclear environment is difficult. The environments in which the work has to be performed is generally complex, making the assessment and analysis of the work difficult.
VISIPLAN 3D ALARA planning is a new calculational tool developed to facilitate the planning of the work based on 3D-geometrical, material and radiological information. The dose calculations are based on a point-kernel method with a build-up correction.

In what way can this program be useful for me ?

With Visiplan, you can make calculations and define all the sources, grids,... With the Visiplan VRML Convertor, you generate VRML-worlds.
The power of Visiplan ALARA analysis, is the fact that it can combine the advantages of the two above mentioned programs. This website will enable you to view the VRML-worlds and you also can access all the useful info provided by Visiplan. This program will proof to be of great value.
But there is more. If you want to share your calculations with the rest of the company, or why not the rest of the world, you can put this site on your intranet-server or your internet-server, so that everyone will be able to have a look at your findings. If you want to share it with only one person, e-mail the webiste to him, it's as easy as sending a normal e-mail.

Where on my hard drive are the generated websites located ?

The websites are all stored in their own directories. These directories can be found in the path in which you installed this program, under '/analysis'. In general, this program is installed under '/Program Files',unless you chose to install it in another directory.

I don't have Outlook on my computer. Is there another way for me to send the website via E-mail ?

E-mails can only be sent from this program, using 'MS® Outlook'. So unless you have this program installed on your computer, you won't be able to send e-mails using this program.
Of course, you can send an e-mail using your default mailing program, and attaching the zipped website to it. It doesn't matter if you have Outlook or not to get a zipped website. The zip-file can be found in the directory of the website.